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All About iPhone SE 2: Release Date, Price & Tech Specs



If you prefer your iPhones to be bigger and more economical – and most do – then you might be very happy to hear there are a number of rumours pointing to some other variant of this iPhone SE launch in 2018, or at least a new handset that’s being positioned as a more affordable version of the iPhone X.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that together with upgrades to the iPhone X along with a larger version of that full-screen iPhone with an OLED display, Apple will establish a cheaper iPhone – except that handset will function as a 6.1in version with an LCD screen, so perhaps not the smaller handset many are hoping for, but still a potential successor to the iPhone SE.

If this rumoured LCD handset is indeed the replacement for your iPhone SE, does this mean Apple will no longer continue to sell a smaller handset? It is beginning to look that way… But before you rush off to look at smaller Android handsets, keep in mind the iPhone X squeezes a larger screen into a more compact handset that’s 143.6mm by 70.9mm, and can be 7.7m thick, while the iPhone SE is still a little 123.8mm by 58.6mm and 7.6mm thick. That is just 2cm longer and slightly greater than 1cm wider, so the iPhone X may not be as massive as you’re thinking…

But if you believe little is perfect, do not completely give up hope – we have seen details of a leaked screen protector and”factory CAD shots”, each of which point to a iPhone X-style notch layout on a small SE-sized handset.

So, read on to discover more about this iPhone SE two as we collect and analyse the clues, hints and signs pointing towards the release of Apple’s follow-up to the iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone SE two’s tech specs, design, new features, pricing and leaked images.

This webpage will be updated every time new information emerges relating to the launch of an upgraded iPhone SE, so check back regularly for the latest iPhone SE 2 rumours. For buying advice related to the current range, take a look at our roundup of the finest iPhone SE deals in addition to our iPhone buying guide.

Lots of rumours point to a new version of the iPhone SE premiered in 2018.

As it failed to materialise, there was a expectation that an iPhone SE 2 would launch at Apple’s WWDC occasion on 4 June, but Apple used the occasion to flaunt software such as iOS 12 and watchOS 5 rather.

So, are we going to have to wait till September to get Apple to upgrade the iPhone SE? It’s looking that way. Making his predictions concerning the new LCD iPhone, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has pointed to a possible September launch date together with the successor to the iPhone X.

Will the iPhone SE be discontinued?

First the bad news. Many analysts have indicated that there won’t be a brand new iPhone SE in any way.

In January 2018 Ming-Chi Kuo wrote a study note asserting that Apple had”consumed its development resources” and might not be able to generate a new SE for its spring launch window.

“The announcement of three new iPhone models in the exact same quarter in the second half of 2017 was the first time Apple made such a major endeavour,” he wrote.

“We believe the delay of iPhone X, which had the very complicated layout yet, shows that Apple doesn’t have sufficient funds available for growth. Together with three new models in the pipeline for the second half 2018, we consider Apple might have consumed its development tools.”

And back in July 2017 China’s Huaquang Research analyst Pan Juitang predicted that Apple wouldn’t upgrade its 4in phone, asserting that there is not enough demand for more compact devices as many consumers opt for larger screens for watching movies, playing games and browsing the net. The huge majority are accustomed to 5in or bigger screens, he added

IPhone SE 2 availability

Even if the SE is updated, it may not launch where you live. Some reports indicate that the new SE handset might not be available everywhere.

This non invasive, lower-priced version will apparently be launched in an attempt to”seize the mass-market marketplace” in China and India.

Another report claims that the SE two will start in India prior to launch in different territories. This sounds dubious to us, although it might fit with Apple’s plans to offer a more affordable handset to certain territories (normally Apple does this by offering an older variant of this iPhone to certain countries).

IPhone SE 2 Price

In the united kingdom the 32GB model prices #379; 128GB is #479. (As an example, in the US that the iPhone SE prices $399 for 32GB and $449 for 129GB.)We anticipate the iPhone SE 2 to be equally priced when (and when ) it starts.

IPhone SE 2 Design

A Chinese report from February 2018 claims that the iPhone SE two will have an identical design to the recent iPhone SE. However, it’s going to have a bigger 4.2in screen, seemingly. The bigger screen will not be due to it having an all screen display like the iPhone X, however. The report says that it will still maintain the classic iPhone shape and the front Home button to encourage fingerprint recognition.

Another (comparatively ) radical prediction comes from the Macotakara report cited earlier, which says the headset port will disappear. This claim was based on assertions by a case manufacturer – and ports are exactly the sort of thing that case makers need to learn about.

The concept that Apple would redesign the iPhone SE so broadly doesn’t get a lot of aid from analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo who believes that Apple is so occupied with the successors to the iPhones X and 8 which it will not have the time or resources to focus on this entry-level handset.

A comprehensive redesign aside, one thing that is very likely to change is the colour choices.

The iPhone SE is currently available in gold, silver, Space Grey and Rose Gold options. The iPhone SE two is likely to be available in silver, gold, and Space Grey – such as the iPhone 8. The Rose Gold and gold version possess kind of merged at the iPhone 8 and it’s probable that the new iPhone SE will even offer you this new brassier gold colour option instead of just two gold options. iphone se 2 gold version

There has been a proposal that the iPhone SE can come in iPhone 5C style colours – though this rumour is much more specifically about the LCD handset that has been rumoured.

Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang called in May 2018 that the less expensive LCD iPhone version released in late 2018 would launch in multiple colours, such as blue, yellow and pink.

Zhang argues that these colours have been selected to appeal to younger users and to differentiate between the LCD iPhone along with the more expensive OLED versions that will launch at precisely the exact same moment.

“We think the business should distinguish the layouts of this LCD model from both high end OLED versions,” explained Zhang. “One sensible choice is to add unique colours.”

Another possility is the new iPhone SE could have a glass rear – allowing for wireless charging, a feature introduced with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This could signify the new iPhone SE 2 includes a retro air to it – as it could look like the all-glass iPhone 4.

Leaked photos & concept illustrations

We have seen a number of iPhone SE 2 escapes. One submitted on 31 May 2018, shows screen guards to the SE 2 and the iPhone X, also seems to affirm the former will probably have exactly the identical notch layout as the latter. (Based on OnLeaks, accessory manufacturers including Alibaba will also be preparing for a notch design.)

Pictures appearing on 26 April reveal a design featuring a new glass rear for wireless charging – and a 3.5millimeter hole for a headphone jack. The latter news will come as a surprise to some, given that only days before another image appeared that appeared to show no headphone jack.

The pictures appeared on a Chinese social networking website, and it’s not clear how trustworthy they are.

Slashleaks has published a picture supposedly showing the chassis of the iPhone SE two in two colours – gold and Rose Gold. Plus they fairly clearly have glass backs, which suggests support for wireless charging.

Concept examples

Beyond that, we move in the realm of concept illustrations: images and videos made to explore design concepts rather than real leaks.

Here’s a factory CAD shot from OnLeaks, who cautions that he is”still unable to affirm this”:

The case maker Olixar has produced a render of this iPhone SE 2018 for a screen protector product it plans to market; the image was supplied to people by Mobile Fun. The firm says that this is based on data from the distribution chain.

Here’s a Notion of what we could expect from Concept Creator, imagining what the iPhone SE 2 might look like when Apple was to offer it an iPhone X-like redesign and a few vivid new colour finishes:

Concept Creator formerly made yet another iPhone SE Two video using an iPhone X movie theme:

iPhone SE 2 dimensions

Currently the iPhone SE includes a 4in display (that is 4 inches measured diagonally). The handset itself measures 123.8mm by 58.6mm plus it is 7.6mm thick. It weighs 113g.

For example, the phone may be as lean as the iPhone 8 at 7.3mm. If Apple was to ditch the iPhone 5s-esque layout to your iPhone SE, in favour of mimicking the iPhone 8 design, this could be feasible.

Based to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on a cheap version of the iPhone which may feature an LCD-TFT screen, fewer pixels, and will cost between $649 and $749. This iPhone screen will quantify 6.1in diagonally therefore that the brand new handset could be even larger than the iPhone 8 is.

A Chinese report at February claimed that the new iPhone SE two will feature a larger 4.2in display, but the larger screen won’t be due to it having an all screen display like the iPhone X, though.

IPhone SE 2 display

As per KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s concept, Apple might present a 6.1in LCD-TFT screen on its new cheap iPhone, while the other iPhones will feature OLED screens like the iPhone X will now. Shown below.

There has been a proposal that the iPhone SE might have a 4.2in screen instead of the current 4in.

The naysayers suggest that Apple wouldn’t extensively alter the plan of this iPhone SE for this kind of minimum change in the dimensions of the screen. It might involve a lot of research and development for small noticable difference to the consumer.

New attributes

The new iPhone SE won’t be a flagship, which means you should not anticipate any totally new features – it’s more a question of which features will trickle down from the top-end iPhone X and 8 Plus.

Face ID

This is the biggie, and when we are looking at an iPhone SE using Face ID it might suggest that we’re also getting an edge-to-edge display and no Residence button.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo the’iPhone X SE’ (the LCD version of the bigger iPhone coming in the autumn) will indeed get Face IDthe same controversial but impressive biometric tech as on the iPhone X, which also signifies Animoji andwe presume, Portrait Mode on front-facing selfies. (Oddly enough, since the analyst predicts one camera lens onto the rear of the X SE to keep costs down, we could end up in the scenario where Portrait Mode is available on front- but maybe not rear-facing shots)

However, if Apple will launch an upgrade to the present SE version then the Touch ID Home button is very likely to remain.

Enhanced NFC capabilities

Since 2014, iPhones are armed with NFC processors, but these have been less functional than people in rival apparatus, essentially limited to Apple Pay for security reasons. But it’s believed that WWDC 2018 will see Apple’unlock’ the capabilities of these chips and allow iPhones to perform trivial NFC tasks such as interacting with badge readers (to recognize a user, open security doors and so forth ).

Based on The Data , citing sources familiar with the issue, the transfer is so much along that Apple’s own team are already using it .

“The switch to the near-field communication, or NFC, chip, which can be expected to be announced [in June 2018], could pave the way for folks to utilize iPhones for additional security-sensitive interactions, from paying transit and opening car doors to verifying their identity in different ways,” that the site writes.

The brand new iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone X SE) can provide wireless charging thanks to its rumoured glass back. Tekz24 claims it received a tip from a”very reliable source” that the new iPhone SE two”will have a glass rear panel” and that it”may encourage charging.”

3D Twist

Apple’s 3D Touch screen tech’s been around for a little while, and it feels sensible to add it to the SE.

According to a Tekz24 report (where the FocusTaiwan report stated above was established ), the brand new iPhone SE 2 will supply an A10 Fusion chip (as seen in the iPhone 7). It currently offers an A9 processor, as used in the iPhone 6S.

This Chinese report also suggests that the new iPhone will utilize a more recent A10 Fusion chip, rather than the A9 from the current version, but game 2GB of RAM and 32GB or 128GB capabilities, as now.

In addition we could observe a 5Mp or 7Mp FaceTime camera using Retina Flash replace the 1.2Mp FaceTime camera in the current model.

Aside from that, It’s Very Likely to keep Lots of the features of this Existing iPhone SE, for example:

  • No bulge: One crucial difference between the iPhone SE and 8 would be that the shortage of camera bump on the bigger model. Hopefully the brand new iPhone SE camera on the back of the iPhone will also be horizontal.
  • 2GB RAM: The iPhone SE offers 2GB RAM and it’s unlikely that we would see any more than that.Rumour

The battery will even have a slightly increased rating from 1,640mAh into 1,700mAh – that might be necessary to power the slightly bigger display, if that happens.

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